6 Classes, 6 Times5 Locations.

1. Treloar (AM), Vancouver (NOT RUNNING THIS SESSION)

Sunday@10:30 am : 575 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver

2. Jaycee, North Vancouver (NOT RUNNING THIS SESSION)

Monday@7:30 pm : 1251 Lillooet, North Vancouver

3. St. James, Vancouver

Tuesday@10:30 am : 3214 10th Avenue, Vancouver West-side

4. GreenTree Village, Burnaby (NOT RUNNING THIS SESSION)

Tuesday@8:00 pm: 4295 Garden Grove Dr., Burnaby

5. St. Pauls Gym, Vancouver (NOT RUNNING THIS SESSION)

Wednesday@7:30 pm : 1140 Jervis St, Vancouver West-end

6. Treloar (PM), Vancouver (NOT RUNNING THIS SESSION)

Thursday@8:30 pm : 575 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver

7. COMING SOON: Maple Ridge

Friday evening SOMEWHERE!  Help us find a location

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YoGuy® men’s yoga classes are a mix of static yoga exercises (Stretching) for healthy joints, and moving yoga exercises (Strengthening) for healthy muscles. If you’re an athlete, we’ll make you better. If you’re just trying to get through life, we’ll make it easier.  YoGuy Specializes in beginner’s.  Increase your energy. Feel good today!

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NEW GUYS: Print off and complete this registration form before you come to your first class; avoid the check-in hassle.HAVE YOU BEEN to a YoGuy®  class? Tell us what you thought of it. DANG! Can’t make it to a YoGuy® class? HERE are some more men’s yoga classes in Metro Vancouver. Better yet; send us a request to start a new time or location.

TRAVELLING?  Check out other men’s yoga classes (out of town).