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About YoGuy®

How did this all get started?

Read about owner Stacey "the guy" Reeves, why YoGuy® yoga exercises ARE different, and what you can expect at YoGuy® yoga classes.


YoGuy® yoga classes are designed for men, even men new to yoga!

Existing Classes

Sunday 10:30am @ Treloar

- 575 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver

Monday 7:30pm @ Jaycee House

- 1251 Lillooet, North Vancouver

Tuesday Morning - 10:30am @ St. James

- 3214 10th Avenue, Vancouver West-side

Tuesday 8:00pm @ GreenTree

- 4295 Garden Grove Dr, Burnaby

Wednesday Evening - 7:30pm @ St. Paul's Gym

- 1140 Jervis St, Vancouver West-end

Thursday Evening - 8:30pm @ Treloar

- 575 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver

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At YoGuy®, we keep our costs down so you get a great deal.

If you need a mat, we have longer mats for guys.

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